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  • Hosted

    Hosting is a service of web sites (including necessary files and documents) placing on a hosting provider’s server which is located on the Internet on a permanent basis. The term “hosting” also implies the service of client’s equipment placing at the provider’s site with its mandatory connection to communication channels


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  • Creation of a “Turnkey” Cloud

    A private cloud is a comfortable virtualized IT new-generation infrastructure intended for solving internal company’s tasks. This solution brings up safety and integrity of data to a completely new level. The cloud is located within the bounds of a certain organization with the use of external (leased) sources or solution combinations.

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  • IT Infrastructure Audit

    The term of “IT Infrastructure Audit” implies the process of collection, storage, processing and transmission of data with the purpose of determining compliance with certain standards, further working out of recommendations for work quality improvement and reducing operating expenses.

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  • IT Services Virtualization

    Virtualization as technological solution today became popular on a massive scale. Virtualization Principles Virtual services are formed by way of division and isolation of powers and resources (both hardware and logical resources) of the company’s IT infrastructure. Internal independence of components reached this way sufficiently increases

    the stability and availability of the whole IT complex. Thus, all resources become available for a user regardless of their space position or configuration.

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  • IT Infrastructure Update

    Computer technologies of modern business take up an important position in our life. Inter alia they do for the increase of work efficiency. However, together with the company’s growth and processes automatization volume of IT infrastructure defects also increases.

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  • Assistance in the Selection and Acquisition of IT Equipment

    We offer services connected with equipment acquisition and selection of software. Often the technologies are chosen only on the basis of key parameters (mainly the price), but at the same time even one and the same price range has many offers with a different quality

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  • Data Backup

    Our company offers high-quality data backup service. All information is coded in accordance with an internationally recognized algorithm (AES256) developed in America, which cannot be broken by any known means. The standard is used inter alia by state enterprises of the USA, Great Britain and many other countries. Our main Backup Data Storage

    Center is located in England, but at our client's will we can create points of location in any other country.

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  • Organization of Secure Communications Services

    Service of providing secure links means creation of reliable medium for data transmission with its protection from capture. The service is rendered with the help of public and specially allocated channels – the Internet, wireless or telephone lines. In order to organize this service it is necessary to create private virtual network (VPN)

    having one or several management centers.

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  • Virtual Automatic Telephone Station Organization

    Activation of this service allows choosing and acquiring numbers in any country. Virtual automatic telephone station offers a lot of services: Creating groups of subscribers making departments identification easier, Abbreviated (internal) numbers,

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  • Consulting concerning Building High-Load Fail-Safe Systems

    We provide assistance in construction of high load systems (highload). Our big experience allows making your right choice. We cooperate with all large manufacturers of fail-safe high load systems, so we will for sure choose the most optimum option for you.

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  • Mail Servers Organization

    Our company offers mail servers organization which is today one of the most in-demand IT services. Mail server is fast and almost instinctively habitual way of data exchange having high level of reliability and safety.

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  • Building IT Infrastructure

    IT infrastructure is a complicated and manifold system uniting servers and data processing centers (DPCs), software, data storage systems, supply and cooling systems, as well as network equipment set and, optionally, access to the Internet. IT structure depends, as a rule, on the company’s needs for which it is created.

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  • Remote Work Place – VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

    Constant development of modern technologies allows implementing unique projects of which we could only dream yesterday. One of such solutions is working out remote workplace for an employee.

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